What are Gearo Ambassadors?

Gearo ambassadors are people that have a love and appreciation for the outdoors. They will be representing Gearo in their city and therefore helping expand the brand throughout the country.

Ambassadors will be an integral part of the Gearo team by spreading the word, providing feedback and engaging users. We are looking for lively individuals that feel passionately about the success of Gearo.


What would I be doing?  

  • Recruiting new users to the application and educating them about the basics of the app.
  • Post photos, videos and content about Gearo on your social pages
  • Wear Gearo swag around town!
  • Provide feedback to the Gearo HQ


What do I get?

The most badass swag you can imagine!

Chill in your Gearo tent, while drinking out of your Gearo water bottle, dressed in your Gearo fleece!

All ambassadors will be invited to attend our Colorado events with other Gearo ambassadors and VIP.

All ambassadors will have first access to Gearo internships and job opportunities.


How to begin your journey with Gearo!

 In order to become a Gearo ambassador, you must get at least 10 people to download the app and set up an account

To do this:

  • Download the Gearo app
  • Once you have set up an account, go to your profile and click the wheel icon (settings) button in the top right
  • Click the third option, “Referral Program”
  • Copy or share the referral code to friends and family and get them to set up an account!
  • Write posts about Gearo on your social media pages (tag us for extra points) and don’t forget to put your referral code so that you can get the points for the accounts set up!


Know someone who should be an ambassador, email us to let us know who you referred and it is equal to 5 referrals once they get their 10 🙂


Check out our brand ambassador tips for ideas on getting your referral count UP! CLICK HERE. 


Email jb@gearoapp.com to get more info, ask questions, or to give suggestions.