Five Reasons Why Good Gear Matters

Five Reasons Why Good Gear Matters

1.    Water’s essential, but not when it gets inside your tent

Always be sure to bring enough water with you when you go camping, but with that being said, it’s almost equally as important to have a good tent. Make sure that your tent has a watertight cover in case of rain. Nobody wants to find themselves in 2 inches of water while trying to sleep in the great outdoors!


2.    Everybody loves a good yard sale, just not on the side of a mountain

We’ve all seen it happen, maybe even to yourself. It’s a classic skiing phenomenon, “the yard sale”. They’re hilarious to see and a nightmare to experience. Make sure that you use good quality and properly mounted bindings before heading down the mountain!


3.    The only thing worse than no backpack is a broken backpack

There you are, five miles into the forest, ready to have a killer weekend by the lake with your friends when suddenly the unthinkable happens; your backpacks rips! Avoid this fiasco by always checking your backpack for minor tears or stretches before embarking on your weekend adventures.


4.    If you haven’t broken in your boots, you’re gonna have a bad time

Getting a new pair of hiking boots is a great feeling! They’re cool, they’re hip… but they’re also stiff and uncomfortable at first. A great way to prevent blisters and soreness while hiking is to wear your new boots for an hour a day around the house during the week prior to your weekend adventure!


5.    Make sure you’re using the right line, or else you’re trophy fish will be a trophy myth

When fishing, it’s important to research what types of fish will be in your lake. This will determine what type of bait you’re going to be using. Even more importantly it will determine what type of line you’ll need to use when casting out your bait. The last thing you want is to be using line for a small bluegill, and have a monster salmon snap your line; your friends will never let you live that one down!

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